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Researcher allows bee to sting his private parts in order to rate the level of pain

A researcher in New York, has won an Ig Nobel Prize, after allowing a bee to sting different parts of his body in order to rate the level of pain.

Michael L. Smith, who studies neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University, said that he got the crazy idea to test the level of pain on different body parts after getting a sting on the private parts and feeling almost no pain.

He wanted to know why bites hurt more in some areas of the body than others. The best way to find out was to coax a bee to bite him on 25 different parts.

He then rated the level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10. With the results on hand, Smith created a sting pain index. He found that being bitten on the skull, the tip of the middle finger and upper arm to be the least painful.

Thanks to the weird study, Smith earned an Ig Nobel Prize, which are awarded by the Harvard University, recognizing research that make people laugh and then think.

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