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Relationship 101: How Ladies Unknowingly Push Away Their Men

A lot of ladies find making their man happy very difficult. Some even feel making a guy happy is tied only to sex but it is worthy of remembrance that a lot of girls open their legs daily and this still doesn't make the men happy enough to stay with them. Maybe for the minute he wants to experience the excitement of your bosom but appreciating a guy is one thing most ladies overlook.

The number of ladies crying "he broke my heart" would reduce drastically if ladies stopped living their lives like its a fairy tale cartoon.

1. Insecurity:  no matter how insecure you are, its no reason to disrespect your man. Two captains can sail one sheep. Its hard to keep your calm especially if he has a lot of girls are around but shouting and insulting him won't make him pay more attention to you. You simply would be giving him more reasons to look out.

2: Appreciation: never underestimate the power of appreciation. If your man takes good care of you, use ever chance you have got to let him know he's doing a good job. If he looks cute in the morning tell him. If he showers you with gift, thank him. If he listens when you need a friend, be grateful. When you cry and he hugs you, embrace him. A man won't go looking for what he already has. When ladies point out more faults they are pointing at another lady to take their place.

3. The baby in every man: there is a baby in every man that comes to light when he is with the woman he loves the most. Don't see this as weakness. No matter how bad a man feels or angry or disappointed its the duty of the woman in his life to bring out the baby in him and know just how to calm the baby. You can't run away every time he's in a bad mood and expect to keep him.

4. Making him feel at home: around you, he doesn't want who to judge him but he needs someone who sees his strength not the weakness.

There are a couple of things ladies do without realising they are sending the men in their lives packing.
- challenging his authority as a man.
-always winning.
- being bossy.

Funniest part is, they always have an excuse and it is always this is who I am. Who you are is who you decided to be. There is always room for change especially when you make up your mind to be with the person. You must understand a man will always be the man irrespective of what you bring to the table.

Realizing that there is a difference between an humble woman and a silly one  will help you better appreciate that a man is your superior but you are his partner and never try to be the man especially when you know he really loves you and wants the best for you.

Written by: Mzflexydeeva

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