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Police Arrests Goat for Loitering

Police in Saskatchewan said an unruly goat that insisted on sleeping in the entrance to a Tim Horton's was "arrested" while officers sought to find its owners.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Saskatchewan said two Warman officers were called to the Tim Horton's early Sunday by employees who said they repeatedly led the goat out of the eatery, but the animal would just come back in through the automatic doors and try to take a nap in the entrance.
"The [RCMP] members believed he was just cold and he decided to lie down and wanted to sleep in the entrance. He was 'arrested' and escorted into the police vehicle. He was very unhappy with this so the members decided to take him home instead of to holding cells at the detachment," the RCMP said.
The RCMP members went door-to-door but were unable to identify the goat's owners and Animal Control officials told them the agency doesn't typically deal with goats.
The wayward goat was taken to a local animal hospital, where it was later reunited with its owners.
Credit: UPI.

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