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My Manager Sleeps With Our Female Colleague

I work in a technology firm where my colleague happens to be a female.. She's in her mid 20s, not too pretty but okay and goodlooking. Among all other staffs we both happens to be closer a bit that sometimes in our spare times we talk generally on relationships, love, heartbreak and all that.. 

Before those discussions kick starts something like a topic or an action relating to it has to take place.. So for the past one year + I have been working their with her, she's always telling me how Faithful and loyal she is to her boyfriend which happens to reside and work in other state within the south western part.. 

They talk on phone everyday at work and to some extent I do believe that these two are really in love and matured, even the fact she working, she told me her boyfriend even sends her allowance monthly.. 

And according to her they have been dating for 2 years+ and for the past 4-5 months they haven't seen.. This same lady got some toasters that do disturb her on phone and all that, in which lash them with harsh words and rejects them, her action in all makes me starts having a second thought of being faithful or even sticking with one girl.. I had a crush on her then,but due to this their lovey lovey lifestyle with the boyfriend, I decide to back off and keep my crush to myself instead of being rejected and all that.. 

Recently,earlier this week, our HRM sent for her,so she forgot her phone with me, usually she don't allow me to handle her phone,which was becoming obvious she's hiding something, not until she deletes or hides a particular chat or what then she can give me her phone to see her pictures.. So on this fateful day! On Tuesday to be precise, she forgot her phone with me,so I decided to go through her pics, fortunately I found one of my pics she took me with her phone,I decide to send the pics to mine phone via whatsapp, as I was about to do that, I discovered our MDs chats with her that she ended with "Love You Too" my curiosity increases which I opened to read.. 

What I saw was beyond my imagination, I didn't still believe what I saw.. From the whole conversation I can deduce that they have been sexing eachother and all that.. Early in the morning,she goes to the MDs office for quickie and all that.. I was shirt of words if this is really her or who.. Till this moment it seems I'm dreaming cos I never believed this girl can ever cheat on her guy.. I'm scared of Ladies! I'm scared of commitment, I'm scared of relationship! Right now I can't even put my trust on any lady! Ladies of these days are Something Else for Real!

From xertyy

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