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Mum Kills 3 of Her own Kids To Prevent Boyfriend from Leaving Her

ANNA Duskiova, 25, killed her three newborn babies because she was worried her boyfriend might leave her.

The woman, from a village in the Czech Republic, is on trial accused of murdering her youngsters, two boys and a girl, shortly after they were born. 

The court heard that the children were born healthy but Duskiova killed them and hid their bodies in the house she shared with her boyfriend, Daniel Masaryk, 47. 

Dusikova confessed to the murders and claimed she was concerned her boyfriend, who didn’t want children, would leave her if he found out.

She said at the court: "I was afraid of losing my boyfriend. I told him I had some health troubles and that I could not have children." 
The woman disguised her growing belly by telling Masaryk that water bloating was a side effect of her health complication. 
As a result, Masaryk allegedly never noticed or suspected that she was pregnant.

Dusikova’s first baby was born in 2013 and after giving birth to the little girl in a toilet, she strangled her to death with a shoelace. 
She then put the dead baby in a rucksack and hid her in the attic of the house where she lived with Masaryk.

Unbelievably, a year later, she gave birth to her second baby, a little boy, and shockingly murdered him in the same way. 

Dusikova had her third baby, another boy, in 2015 but instead of killing him straight away; she hid him inside a bag of dog food. 
She told the court that after the third birth she fainted because she had lost so much blood and when she woke, her son was dead.

After hiding the third baby in the attic with the other bodies, Dusikova needed medical help for her blood loss. 
When she reached the hospital, doctors recognised she had given birth and raised the alarm when she couldn't explain where her baby was. 
Dusikova said: I cannot explain why I did this."

The court heard that Dusikova didn’t have job and the couple regularly smoked weed and took crystal meth. 

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