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Man kills his friend’s 3-year-old son for fighting with his son over a toy

Parents are devastated over the senseless death of their 3-year-old son.  Police arrested a man of China, after he allegedly killed his neighbor's son and threw his body into a cesspit.

The suspect, who was identified only as Li, 25, allegedly confessed to strangling 3-year-old Zhou Shijie, because the child fought with his son over a toy while playing together. Li - who is a father of two children - and the family of the victim, grew up together, and have been neighbors and good friends for many years. They live in Yibin.

The chilling murder occurred when Shijie went to the home of Li, to play with his son. He never returned home.

Surveillance video from a security camera in the neighborhood showed Shijie entering the home of his neighbor about 1:50 p.m., but he never left the building.

When Zhou Qiang, the father of the victim, went to talk to Li, he admitted seeing Shijie. However, he claimed that he went to run errands that afternoon and Shijie was gone when he returned home.

Zhou’s family reported the case to the police. During questioning, Li confessed to the police that he strangled Shijie with his hands after witnessing the boy fighting with his son over a toy digger. 

Li said that he saw Shijie pushing his son during the fight, which infuriated him so he strangled the child. 

Li then disposed the body in a cesspit in an attempt to destroy evidence.

Qiang said that he and Li grew up together in the same town and have been very good friends for a long time. He also said that their children often played together and they looked after each other's children many times.

After Li was arrested, he took police to the spot where he dumped the boy’s body.

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