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Man Kidnaps Wife And Son, Locks Them In Cage for Years

A 66-year-old man, Eduardo Oviedo, allegedly tied his wife 61, and son 32, with chains and ropes. He kept them in a metal bar cage.

Authorities in Argentina have reported the arrest of a man who not only locked his wife and autistic son in a cage for years, but went on to feed his child with dog food and fuel.

Medical reports showed that Eduardo’s son could barely speak and his wife had developed psychiatric problems.

According to Spanish newspaper La Nacion, Eduardo forced his son to eat animal food and drink fuel, which police found in the cage. The former construction worker allegedly fed his wife and son through the bars of the cage.

Police has revealed that Eduardo will be charged with kidnapping and keeping his family in conditions of servitude, sources say he will also undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

A conviction for the accused will mean he spends 15 years of his life behind bars. As of the time when this report was compiled, the victims were still at a hospital were they were being examined.
It is yet to be verified, how many years Eduardo had kept his wife and child in the cage, as the police are still investigating crime.

Analysts have tried to come up with reasons why Eduardo would commit such a crime. One of his daughters-in-law described him as a violent man who often made threats.
One plausible explanation though is the fact that the 66-year-old was not proud of his son due to his autistic tendencies and probably felt shamed by his wife’s mental disability.

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