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'Happy Trash Day' artist runs for Philadelphia mayor as character Soxx

 A Philadelphia-based artist and creator of "Happy Trash Day" is not running for mayor of her city as herself, but as her whimsical alter-ego, Soxx.
Soxx announced this week her write-in candidacy for the top civil position in the Philadelphia. Her campaign isn't just for fun, either -- Soxx, a creation of Yale University School of Art graduate and craft-master Jenny Drumgoole, has a distinct passion for the city's workers -- especially under-appreciated trash collectors.

Soxx, a glitter-glue loving character who absorbs much of her inspiration from a grade-school craft book called Make and Do, has launched a vibrant, streamer-laden grassroots campaign.
Soxx is already well-known among the city's trash collectors due to her hosting celebrations for sanitation crews under the banner Happy Trash Day.

Drumgoole, a video arts teacher and avid YouTube user, developed Happy Trash Day, and the character for a few years before recently creating a new Soxx For Mayor channel.
"I thought about [running for mayor] a year ago," Soxx told NewsWorks. "The mayor determines how [city employee] contracts go. It's always unions versus the governments for workers' rights. I figured it'd be nice to have someone who is for the workers on the other side."
Early last year, Soxx asked Mayor Michael Nutter via videotwice, to grant her a "birthday wish": a contract for trash collectors, who were negotiating with the city.

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