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Church files lawsuit against strip club for sending topless dancers during prayer services

Church members are angry after a stripclub sent topless dancers to stand in front of the house of worship as families with young children entered and exited for prayer services, according to court documents in Ohio

New Beginnings Ministries of Warsaw, alleges that the topless dancers have been threatening members of the church, blocking the entrances and exits, and violated their right to religious freedom.

Pastor William Dunfee told the court that young children were forced to be exposed to topless women who were standing outside the church.

Thomas George, the owner the Foxhole stripclub, was named in the lawsuit.

Members of the church have been seen protesting in front of the Foxhole stripclub, urging the owner and customers to repent.

George denied the allegations, saying that Dunfee wants his stripclub to go out of business.

Credit: WWWN

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