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Break Up If Your Partner Shows Any Of These 7 Signs

It is a sad and unfortunate fact that many women are in abusive relationships. The most unfortunate situation is that many of them don’t realize what path the relationship is headed down until it is too late.
Here are some warning signs that you may be in an abusive relationship and should get out before it gets worse:
–Such partners degrade you in front of anyone that you meet. They do this to have dominance in the relationship. They like to destroy your self-worth so that you feel like you don’t deserve anyone better.
–They decide where you go, when you go, who you are friends with, and what you are allowed to wear. You have no control over your life anymore. Worst of all they cut out your social life.
–From time to time, they threaten you when you do that which is not their wish for you and maybe they believe you should seek permission from them on anything you want to do.
–When you mention that they hurt you, they will deny that they are doing anything wrong and state that if you didn’t do certain things they wouldn’t have to hurt you.
–In a situation when you are dependent on them, they will threaten to leave and take everything. They may even restrict you from working so that you depend completely on them for income.
–They will completely destroy any relationship that you have with your family and friends, they do not want you to talk to others about the relationship and they do not want other people putting ideas in your head.
–They will make you fear them:Intimidation is a way for them to control you and make sure you do everything that they want. They want to make sure that you are afraid to do anything wrong and too afraid to leave.
Make up your mind today and take the right decision.

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