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84-year-old money-bag marries his 24-year-old student, plans to have children

A popular 84-year-old millionaire in Russia, raised eyebrows by marrying his 24-year-old student and announcing that he plans to have children with her. Actor Ivan Krasko married Natalia Shevel in St. Petersburg.

The couple described their relationship as a match made in heaven. The two met while he was teaching fine art at the St. Petersburg Institute of Liberal Education.

At that time, Shevel wrote poetry and showed her work to Krasko. The couple revealed that they cannot spend a single day apart from each other and are living together in Moscow.

Krasko expects to have children with his new wife. The father of six children and grandfather of three children, said that the first thing his children asked is if his will has changed. He assured them that the will would never be changed.

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