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8 Things Guys Will Do When They Are Seriously In Love

I have lots of male friends,in fact I love to keep them as friend even my parent know that very well.In my little study about guys and my interactions with them,I discovered that guys actually could get seriously in love with a girl and when they do,these are the signs

1.He will always want to be with you
It is possible for a guy to be always busy but the truth is,if a guy truly loves a girl,he will try to create time out of his busy schedule just to be with her.

2.He feels so confident about you
That moment when you step into a place and he walks up to you and tell you how georgous you look even though you are not putting on the best of clothes.If he sees beauty in you when others think of you as ugly,That's a sign.

3.When he is willing to wait 

He may be one guy who loves sex and loves making out with whoever he dates but when he decides to wait till he is committed "married" before he dig it down with you then it means he thinks of you as special.He loves you..

4.When he introduces you to his friends and family
When a guy loves you,he wont hesitate to do the needful because He feels lucky having you and he is scared of loosing you to another guy.

5.He always want to be seen in public with you by his side
When he takes you out to every occasion he attends,it doesn't mean he is selfish/overprotective of means he feels confident about you and he loves you.He doesn't see the relationship as just a joke and he is ready to invest his time and his resource to build up lovely memories.

6.When he sees you and smile even though he is upset
When your guy seem to be upset with everything and everybody around him but immediately you show up he smiles like kilode........That is a sign that you mean a lot to him.

7.When he respect your privacy and is concerned about your success
when he respect the fact that you need to work or study and in most cases he's willing to burn the night with you just to make sure you achieve your goal successfully. Then he loves you

8.When he tell you crazy things and does crazy things
When he tells you how many times he purged that morning after eating something funny,how had to sneak into the kitchen to taste what you were cooking when you were not looking,when he still kisses from you wen you are not looking....That means he sees you as a friend,confidant and as his love.

Please feel free to add yours,I dedicate this topic to the broken hearted ladies. 

May you find love.

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