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70-year-old Man rides bike 250 miles to buy his wife’s favourite coffee

An elderly man of the United Kingdom, traveled 250 miles to France, in order to get his wife her favorite coffee.

David and Jackie Pedlow of Devonport, have been drinking the same coffee for 35 years. Last week, David, 70, realized that they were running low on coffee.

The couple, who have been married for 50 years, travel by bike as their car broke down several months ago and they were not able to buy a new one.

David and his wife, 70, decided that he will make the 250-mile trek by bike in order to stock up on Grand Mere.

David said that cycling in France is absolutely wonderful.

Jackie’s love for Grand Mere began 35 years ago when the couple went to France to taste the coffee.

Jackie was hooked to Grand Mere ever since. David called a Super U supermarket to check if they had enough coffee in stock.

He purchased 66 pounds of coffee at a cost of $185. He jumped back on his bike and traveled back home to the United Kingdom.

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