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16-year-old boy slammed by train while taking photos with his girlfriend on tracks

A teen died after being hit by a train while taking photos with his girlfriend on the tracks at a popular destination for photographers, police in Maryland said.

16-year-old John DeReggi of Boyds, and his girlfriend Natalie Crim, wanted to get their photos taken at the picturesque place near their homes.
Just 20 minutes after the teen left his home, Christine DeReggi received the terrible news. Crim told her boyfriend’s mother that John was hit by the train.

The mother rushed to the scene, and learned that an Amtrak train had plowed into her son. Family members believe that Crim planned to use at least one of the photos as part of a school assignment.

When the train approached, John went in one direction while Crim went in the other direction. The train, which was traveling around 70 miles per hour, moved much faster than John thought.

John couldn’t get away in time, and was hit by the train. 

Investigators do not believe that someone pushed John into the train. At this point in the investigation, it appears that the train operator did not do anything wrong.

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