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Woman badly burned after doctor tells her to bathe in bleach to cure eczema

A young woman of Dapto, Australia, was severely burned after she poured bleach into her bathwater.  The young woman suffered burns to 98 percent of her body after being advised by a doctor to take a bath with bleach.

 29-year-old Sarah Cole was left with horrific burns and open sores after entering the hot bath in which she added a cup of bleach.

The mother of three children went to a skin specialist and asked for ways to cure her acne. The doctor told her to add bleach to her bathwater. 

Although she was skeptical at first, Cole decided to try it. She did not feel any pain at first. Cole was left in agony, and two days later, she was taken to a hospital.

She stayed at the hospital for a month in the intensive care unit, where she was in critical condition.  “My parents were pretty much planning my funeral,” Cole said. After 4 weeks in the hospital, Cole made a full recovery. 

Cole said that after returning home from the hospital, she decided to search on the Internet to see if using bleach as a way to cure acne is legitimate. 

She found that it is recommended to use only a quarter of the amount of beach that she was told to use.  Cole will have permanent scars on her entire body.


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