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Spirit-controlled Desires – By Tunmike U. Olatilewa

At different times in life,we have different desires, either good or bad,for people or things. These desires forms our thoughts and imaginations about those people or things. However,it is important that we carefully consider desires that comes with haste or urgency,they usually end in regrets if not properly handled.
The more we nurse evil or wrong desires in our hearts,the more vulnerable we become to any temptation that comes with it. Temptation comes when we are enticed by our desires and thoughts. When our hearts yields to its enticement,it manifests in our actions,leads to sin and finally,spiritual death(James 1:13-14). It is therefore our responsibilities to subject such desires to the control of the Spirit of Christ in us. One of the use of our weapons of warfare is bringing every thought into captivity in obedience to Christ(2 Cor 10:5). Since the desires forms the thoughts,as you subject your desires to Christ,Christ-like thoughts occupies your hearts.
So how do you control such desires?
  • Desires proceeds from the soul and the word of God is the remedy for the soul,so meditate on the scriptures constantly and practice it.
  • Pray in tongues as much as possible. This builds up your spirit. It energizes your spirit to resist evil or wrong desires of the soul.
  • As you pray,also make conscious efforts when faced with temptations i.e. Take necessary actions and make choices as restraints from yielding to such temptations. Flee when you should. Apply caution when needed. Avoid the company of some people or abstain from some things as the case may be. Don’t be ashamed to take responsibility for any decision or action taken.
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Do have a fruitful weekend and a great week ahead.

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