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Miley Cyrus dresses as reporter and goes undercover to see what people say about her

Miley Cyrus agreed to dress as a reporter to go on the streets of California, to interview people and see what think of her. 

The video of her street experiment was played on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Cyrus pretended to be a reporter and asked people how they felt about her hosting the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.
She wore a grey suit with a blouse, dark wig, a necklace of large pearls, glasses and she used an Australian accent, posing as “Janet.”

She began by speaking with a man named Carol, who wore a black cowboy hat. He admitted that he was not a big fan of Cyrus. When she asked if he would allow his daughters to dress the way the singer dresses, he said “h**l no!”

He also spoke about how he does not like her style, her father and her entire family. He then said that she is starving for attention and that is why she is doing crazy things like that. 

Cyrus responded: “You took the words out of my mouth.” 

She also made 2 girls sing her song and twerk together with her. 

However, she did not fool everyone. One man who seems to be a fan of Cyrus, recognized her. 

“You look like her,” he said. “That is why they hired me,” Cyrus responded. “They flew me in from Perth,” she added. However, the man did not believe her.

That is when she allowed the man to peek down her blouse to prove it was really her. “I'm Janet up here,” she said pointing to the wig and glasses. “I am Miley down there,” she said as she pointed to her chest.

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