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Jared Fogle Admits He Didn't Lose Weight Eating Subway; Had Liposuction in 2001

After Jared Fogle, the famous spokesperson for Subway, was found guilty of Having sex with minors and child pornography. It appears as though Jared is angry at Subway for dropping their affiliation with him on July 7 following the allegations against Jared Fogle, that he admitted a shocking statement Wednesday afternoon to Huzlers reporters.

Jared Fogle has shockingly admitted that he did not lose 200 pounds because of his subway diet. Jared said he lost 200 pounds after undergoing liposuction in 2001. Jared Fogle also admitted that he, in fact, had never even eaten a subway sandwich until he had already lost the 200 pounds in the early 2000’s, at which point, Subway had come forward with a random deal with him to falsely credit his weight loss to Subway for a “Ton of money”.

“I can’t believe all of you” said Jared Fogle, as he began laughing “You idiots really think I lost 200 pounds eating subway? Can someone explain to me how eating a footlong sandwich, triple the size of a Big Mac, can possibly help someone lose weight? Plus it’s not even a $5 footlong, that sh*t comes out to be like $8 dollars. I’ll tell you what, just take your ass to McDonald’s instead” finished Jared.
Following the statements, Subway is currently under heat as to whether or not their products are actually healthy, or if it’s all just an illusion. We will have more information on Jared and Subway as the story develops.


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