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How To Know God’s Will – By Tunmike U. Olatilewa

We sometimes talk about “seeking God’s will” as if it were lost or some magnified mystery we may not be able to unravel. For some of us,when we claim to be “seeking God’s will”,we are only seeking God for some signs to confirm our own will. God’s will is expressed in God’s words. In every scripture,God’s will is made known to us. It is now our responsibility to accept and obey them. Of what use is our “seeking for God’s will” when we don’t want to obey what the scriptures says?
“Honor your parents”,”Love your neighbour as thyself”,”Flee from sexual immorality”,”Be holy for I am holy”,”Do good to all men”,”To your faith,add virtues”,”Without faith,it’s impossible to please God”. How clear are these instructions? What is the point in seeking God’s will in important things when you deliberately ignore Him in seemingly less important things He has made known you?
We celebrate an assumed complexity of God’s will,limiting it to a thing we desperately seek for in difficult times or at the point of making major decisions. This immaturity of ours breeds confusion,deceit,and self-gratification. The knowledge of His will is a major need in our lives which is met through prayers and meditation on God’s words. A major need at all times,not occasionally.
More important than knowing God’s will is complete obedience to it. The clear understanding of God’s will comes as a response to the readiness in our hearts to obey it. Obedience is better than sacrifice,and to take heed than the fat of rams(I Samuel 15:22). We have the Spirit of Christ. He is all we need to know,understand and obey God’s will. The question of you and I is this- Are willing am I to allow God’s will to prevail in my life?

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