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Forgiven or Not, Every Act of Sin Has Consequence


Let's assume you went to the Kitchen and decided to pick a piece of meat from your mother's pot of soup. As you picked it and about to dip it into your mouth,your mother walked in. Out of fear,you took some step backwards and unknowing to you,a bowl of hot water was behind,you fell on it and it poured on your legs. Thereafter,you asked your mum for forgiveness and she forgave you but you already sustained burns on the leg. Although your mum have pardoned you for the act but the consequence of your action still remains with you.

Now,if someone tries to make you believe that the burns you sustained on the leg came as a punishment from your mother,you will be unwise to believe it. Same way, it is unwise for us,when we're facing the consequence of a sin we've confessed to God, to believe that He is punishing us for it. God says"For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more"(Hebrews 8:12). When God forgives our sins,He chooses not to remember them because the Blood of Jesus cleanses us from them,therefore He will not attribute such sins to us again. He would not punish us for such sins. It is like being charged to the court for a crime you committed,then someone advocated for you and you were pardoned by the judge. Would the same judge,who declared that you free,go ahead to punish you for the same crime? No. Christ is our advocate,by His blood,we are justified from all our sins. Once you confess your sins to God, believe in your heart that you have been forgiven though you may be faced with consequence of your sinful acts.

Every act of sin has consequence(s) which can either be physical or spiritual. There are instances where the consequence of our past sins remains with us for a while,and sometimes for a lifetime. In such instances,we are to trust God. He justifies us from the sins and can also justify us from its consequences. That the consequence remains does not make Him an unforgiving. The consequence is what you've brought upon yourself.

The devil will try to make you believe that you're still guilty of sins you've confessed to God and that the consequences you're now facing are punishment for God. Ignore such thoughts from Him. Repentance is not the same as condemnation. The Holy Spirit convicts you of your sins,bringing about repentance while the devil accuses you of it bringing about condemnation. Ignorant Christians may also encourage you to bear it as your own cross,making you believe you have no option out of it which is untrue. God's delight is that you don't bear those consequences on your own,trust Him to handle it. Cast your burdens upon the Lord,you're not to bear it. Don't be deceived,there is no condemnation for you (from the devil or any man) because you're in Christ(Romans 8:1).

Each time the devil reminds you of your past sins,my dear,remind him of his final destination. His former destination(heaven) is now your destination. You're no mate of his. Do not give room for any condemnation in your heart for sins you've been forgiven God. You're a new creation in Christ.

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