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Couple Caught Having S*x In Phone Booth (Photo)


It must have been a person-to-person call. A British couple was recently photographed having s*x in a phone booth in broad daylight by a passerby (see NSFW photo below). The picture went viral, and the couple, 30-year-old Gavin Wain and 41-year-old Lisa Kerley, gladly dished on their connection to SWNS.

Wain said the two both owned aquariums and were shopping for fish in Staffordshire before taking a detour to buy some beer at the market. "It was a hot day and the booze must have got the better of us," he said. "We were passing the phone box and laughing and joking and I said to Lisa, 'Fancy a quickie?' "

The proud pair re-enacted and discussed their July 17 tryst in a more family-friendly video for SWNS, but at least one witness who saw the real deal wasn't amused. "You expect this kind of behavior from dogs but not people," the onlooker told Metro. Several other witnesses recorded the incident, the news site added. "We really didn’t think anyone would notice," Wain said in the Sun.



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